Straight-by Tool Change Machining Center-Z5

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Panel furniture, cabinets, closets, office furniture, custom furniture. Wardrobe cabinets, cabinet cabinets, computer tables, panel furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchen utensils and other plate furniture, such as flat cutting, milling, beveling, punching, carving and other auxiliary processing.

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Straight-by Tool Change Machining Center BJD-Z5

1.The bed of this model adopts the seamless welding and tempering aging treatment of the steel structure as a whole, which has strong rigidity and does not deform

2.BJD developed 1.1KW high-power pure servo motor drive, with fast speed and high precision.

3. The inline automatic tool change system is adopted, and the tool change cylinder of the tool magazine is introduced to save tool changing time. The capacity of the tool magazine is 12 pieces.

4. Imported 25 square rails, double-row four-row ball sliders, large bearing capacity, stable operation, high accuracy, and long life. Double nut ball screw with high precision and accurate down knife.

5. Six-zone vacuum adsorption is used for soft materials such as MDF, and plates of different sizes can also be placed to maintain the flatness of the surface of the board, so that the effect maps carved out are consistent in depth, and the loading and unloading time of plates outside processing is improved.

6. The integrated drive and control system is used to realize multi-axis motion control, which is convenient for system scheme configuration and equipped with handwheel control, which is more convenient and flexible. Equipped with a large independent cabinet, split keyboard operation, simple and convenient, easy to learn, referred to as "fool style", so that users can quickly and flexibly master the use of the device, more independent.

7. The automatic oiling system can effectively lubricate the transmission part of the engraving machine and increase the service life of the machine. 

Device Parameters


BJD-Z5 Inline Tool Change Machining Center

Overall dimensions (host)


Machinable sheet size



Air-cooled 9Kw automatic tool change


11 kW


Absolute value drive integrated motor 1.1KW

Transfer Method

Y axis

SHIMPO Reducer


2M precision Rack


25 Square Rail


X axis

SHIMPO Reducer


2M Precision Rack


25 Square Rail


Z axis

Plum coupling


2525 Lead screw


25 Square Rail

Control System

Drive and control integration

Three-axis stroke

X axis



Y axis



Z axis


Three-axis speed

X axis



Y axis



Z axis


Magazine / Tool

Magazine Type

12 in-line knife changes





Operating Voltage


Working Desk


Vacuum adsorption of rigid PVC

  Control method

Manual 6 partitions


Front 3 left 4 cylinder positioning

Loading / Unloading function

Automatic loading function

Product Details:


Integrated control, higher sensitivity and stability; humanized control panel design, the operator can get on the job after simple training, without the need for a technician The machine moves quickly and efficiently, helping you achieve a leap in productivity.


The new generation drive and control integrated servo drive has the highest performance of high speed and high precision transmission. It can be processed without turning back to the original point. It can be started at a fast speed and has a strong load capacity.


25 Square Rail: Larger specifications, larger contact surface, and strong load carrying capacity, which can better ensure the stability of operation during high-speed processing.



Adopting a straight-line automatic tool change system, the tool magazine has a capacity of 12 and saves tool changing time.


Intelligent central centralized lubrication system and volumetric shunt system are used to allow the equipment's sliders, rails and other motion systems to be automatically maintained. The oil circuit design can be adjusted to ensure the supply of lubricating oil at each injection point and extend the equipment life


The square steel is welded and tempered to eliminate welding stress and ensure that the bed is not deformed. The full welding process and vibration aging treatment can ensure that the machine does not shake during high-speed operation.

Company Advantages





The equipment and machine tools use welding industrial robots for welding to improve the welding quality and reflect the welding quality in a numerical mode.







Stress aging instrument: Apply additional dynamic stress to the workpiece in the form of resonance. When the additional dynamic stress and the residual stress are superimposed and reach the yield limit of the material, the workpiece undergoes micro or macro plastic deformation, thereby reducing and homogenizing the residual inside the workpiece Stress and stabilize its dimensional accuracy.







All machine beds are processed by large high-precision pentahedron machining centers (roughing, finishing, drilling, tapping)







Infrared collimator is a precise angle measuring instrument, which consists of two parts: a parallel light tube and a telescope; an instrument for precise distance measurement using modulated infrared light. Simultaneous measurement and display of two-dimensional angles;Guarantee equipment quality (flatness, perpendicularity, parallelism, etc.).






Numerical control equipment uses laser interferometer for precision detection and automatic compensation.







The main parts of the equipment are processed by high-precision CNC machining center

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